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Last update on July 18, 2023

123RF Introduces AI Image Variations

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123RF Ai image variations
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Well-established stock media licensing company 123RF just added a new AI-powered feature to their platform, the newly released AI Image Variations.

Designed to allow users instantaneously create composition variations from any stock image on the agency's catalog, this function's AI-generated images are also commercially licensable and compensate authors of original photos.

More information is below.

One-Click AI Image Variations from Stock Photos

The newly launched AI Image Variations is a feature that adds to 123RF's growing arsenal of generative AI tools, which started with their text-to-image generator released back in May 2023. The idea is to give creatives more ways to fulfill their visual design needs while simplifying their workflow. And, of course, to keep up with higher-profile competitors Shutterstock and Adobe Stock.

Image Variations is available as a button on every image page in the agency’s catalog, and it's silly simple to use: just click on the “Generate variations” button, and the feature will show you two variations of the original image in a matter of seconds. Variations can be changing colors, displacing objects, adding visual effects, and more.

You can test AI image variations for free. You just need to be logged in to your account in 123RF (if you don't have one, sign-up is free). However, if you wish to download and use any of the AI-generated variations, you must pay. AI variations are considered regular image downloads and can be purchased via subscription plans or on-demand credits –prices are very affordable–.

123RF is now one of the companies contributing to increasing the huge number of AI-generated images in the world, as our visual AI stats report shows.

123rf ai image variation sample
AI Image Variation Samples from 123RF's website

Commercially-Licensed AI-Generated Content

123RF is offering these AI-generated images under 123RF’s Generator License (the same goes for the ones made with their AI image generator). Which is essentially a royalty-free license covering commercial use. This adds a veil of legal safety compared to the images generated with other tools out there (but is similar to the offers from Shutterstock and Adobe Stock). Notoriously, 123RF's license for AI content includes a $25,000 indemnification fee. 

Still, there are important considerations about the licensing terms: 

  • The agency does not guarantee you could claim copyright over AI-generated visuals or trademark them
  • By using their service, you’re granting them the right to use both your text prompts (when applicable) and the resulting images in any way they wish 
  • They can’t promise your results will be unique or satisfactory, given the evolving nature of the AI technology powering them
  • They hold you accountable for any possible illegal or wrongful uses you make of the tools and the images 

Even with those terms, one could argue that a proper commercial-use license from a respectable image licensing company is a bonus when it comes to AI-generated images for commercial use.

Creative-Respectful AI Image Licensing

Another important point in this development is 123RF’s policies that focus on fair treatment for creatives, and they included this approach in the image variations service.  

Every time a customer licenses an AI-generated image variation, the artist responsible for the original image said the variation was based on receives a percentage of profits in the form of royalties.

This way, the company hopes to maintain an ethical frame for its AI visual services, one that respects intellectual property rights and fairly compensates its artists for their involvement in the training and functionality of the new AI generative models.

123RF plans to present more AI-based features during the third quarter of 2023, so this is only one of several new offers their platform will integrate. Do you find 123RF AI image variations useful?


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