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Last update on October 10, 2023

Adobe Firefly New Models Unveiled: Generative AI for Image, Vector & Design

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Adobe Firefly AI secrets

Adobe reveals the latest release of its generative AI models, Adobe Firefly, equipped with the Adobe Firefly Image 2 Model for enhanced text-to-image features in Photoshop, the Adobe Firefly Vector Model for text-to-vector conversions, and the Adobe Firefly Design Model for text-to-template transformations.

These models elevate the AI capabilities of Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and Express, setting a higher bar for AI-assisted image quality and user command.

Adobe Firefly Image 2: Supreme Image Quality

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Unwrapped at today’s Adobe Max conference and already in beta on the Firefly web app, the new Firefly Image 2 Model heightens the standard of creative image output while maintaining commercial usage safety.

The upgraded AI image creation tool now includes:

  • Generative match is a tool that allows you to define a visual style using pre-set samples or upload your own to conjure new creations that harmonize with your brand or project's aesthetic
  • The Photo settings offer photography-centric adjustments akin to camera manipulation (including depth of field or motion blur) to enhance the realism and quality of the outcome
  • Enhanced prompt capabilities now provide auto-complete options and recognize an expanded range of landmarks and cultural symbols
  • Prompt guidance offers suggestions to help refine or enrich your prompts for superior image production
  • The Share from Firefly feature lets you share a link to your design process, including its prompt, for others to view and potentially amend or collaborate on
  • Save to Libraries enables storing of AI-created images directly into your Creative Cloud library for access on any Adobe ecosystem app

These enhancements ensure you can produce more realistic and superior-quality images than ever before. Moreover, it's noteworthy that Firefly-generated content can be used for both personal and commercial purposes.

During the kickoff of Adobe Max 2023, Adobe shared that users have already created over 3 billion images with the pioneer version of this model since its inception last March.

Adobe Firefly Vector Model

adobe firefly vector

The recently unveiled Firefly Vector Model is the inaugural AI model that converts text prompts into vector graphics. It underpins the new beta feature in Adobe Illustrator, the Text to Vector Graphic generator.

It’s a tool that creates “human quality”, scalable, and fully editable vector graphics from textual descriptions, encompassing icons, scenes, subjects, and patterns.

The AI-produced vectors include sophisticated features such as adjustable gradients, flawless geometric lines, seamless pattern tiling, and sorted layers for easy post-design modifications.

Adobe Firefly Design Model

adobe firefly design

Lastly, the new Firefly Design Model crafts stunning template designs from mere text prompts for multiple applications.

This feature powers the newly incorporated Text to Template function (in beta) in Adobe Express. It generates template designs for social, web, and print uses in widely used aspect ratios. The designs automatically select colors, text fonts, text sizes, images, and composition to meet your design objectives and are fully customizable.

Propelling AI Visual Creation Forward with Adobe Firefly

Developments in the Firefly models aim to boost the quality and user control of creative content production in the Adobe suite.

The latest models and features will benefit users by enabling them to emulate existing image styles, enhance image realism, augment text prompt understanding, produce vector graphics and personalized templates, and share or store their creations directly from Firefly.

Try the upgraded version of Adobe Firefly models here!


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