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Last update on May 23, 2023

Adobe Rolls Out Generative Fill, First Firefly-Powered Feature in Photoshop

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Adobe Generative Fill
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Adobe has officially started integrating Adobe Firefly –its native family of AI generative models– into Creative Cloud today, unveiling Generative Fill. This feature can add content and remove or replace parts of an image from user-input text prompts. 

Currently available in beta in the desktop app, Generative Fill combines the power of AI image generation with Photoshop’s professional photo editing capabilities to speed up and expand creative workflows. 

This addition is part of a broader Photoshop update that seeks to simplify image editing tasks further. 


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Adobe Firefly’s Generative Fill: In-Design AI Image Generation 

Just as they announced six weeks ago when Firefly was first presented, Adobe is gradually integrating features built on the base of its proprietary family of AI generative models into its Creative Cloud, Document Cloud, Experience Cloud, and Adobe Express platforms, with a focus on enhancing and easing design workflows. 

According to their release, Generative Fill is only the first of such integration steps; it is conceived as a “design co-pilot” that understands natural-language written instructions and generates visual content based on it instantaneously. These are the highlights of its functionality: 

  • Add, remove, or expand image content: You can select an area of your design to generate and insert an entirely new object, remove a certain object from the composition, or “zoom out” to expand the existing image, all in seconds and with just a text prompt. 
  • Natural language instructions: You can input simple written instructions to get what you need to be done; there is no need for complex text prompts. 
  • Non-destructive edits: Generative Fill works with generative layers so you can experiment with different compositions and ideas without altering your original permanently and with the possibility of reversing steps whenever you want. 
  • Unparalleled creative speed: Explore new visual ideas, try out concepts, and create unlimited variations in design at never-before-seen rates, just typing out your creative desires. 

It’s worth mentioning here that Adobe Firefly is trained exclusively with Adobe Stock content, as well as with authorized and non-copyrighted content from different sources, and that Adobe has a compensation program in the works that will pay Adobe Stock contributors for the use of their work in Firefly models’ training. All of this makes the images generated with this model a lot more ethical and legally safer than other similar applications. 

Currently, Generative Fill is in beta mode and available on the desktop version of Photoshop, but also a stand-alone beta feature on the Firefly web page

corgi before and after adobe generative fill
Before (left) and after (right) image example using Adobe Generative Fill in Photoshop

Latest Photoshop Update: Design Easier and More Intuitively with AI 

Besides Generative Fill, Adobe has introduced several updates to Photoshop that leverage the power of AI to perform intuitive editing tasks and simplify creative workflows.

Tools for automatic AI object removal, customizable image filters, and a task bar that suggests and shortcuts the next steps in your design are some of the latest additions that seek to make design easier for users.

AI Image Generation in Creative Workflows with Adobe

The landing of Firefly-powered Generative Fill on Photoshop signals the beginning of a generative AI creative workflow across the Adobe ecosystem. Like several competitors, Adobe seems to be betting on the combination of AI image generation and traditional media as the most useful for professional creatives. 

As the first text-to-image feature of Adobe Firefly produced over 100 million AI-generated assets in less than two months since its launch in beta (according to the company's communications), it’s only a matter of waiting and seeing how much users employ and like this new tool. 

What do you think, are you excited to try Generative Fill on Photoshop?


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