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Last update on November 30, 2023

Amazon Launched Titan Model for AI Image Generation

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Amazon has jumped into the AI image creation game with its latest Titan Image Generator, a generative AI model capable of whipping up high-quality images. 

Geared towards enterprises, Titan is a foundation model available on Amazon Bedrock and intended for developers to build end-user tools on top of it. 

Highlights of this new model include instructions to avoid toxic bias, all Titan-created images come with invisible watermarks labeled as AI-generated, and Amazon’s copyright indemnity policies attached. 


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Titan Image Generator: Text-to-Image Foundation Model by Amazon

During the AWS re: Invent conference yesterday, Amazon unveiled their latest foundation model for generative AI, Titan Image Generator

According to Swami Sivasubramanian, AWS VP of database, analytics, and machine learning, who presented the new development, this is a powerful text-to-image generator capable of synthesizing “realistic, studio-quality images” from natural language prompts in English. The software can also perform image editing tasks from written instructions, such as changing the artistic style and adding or replacing backgrounds or objects within the image. They also disclosed that the model has built-in guardrails to avoid toxicity and concept bias.

Amazon Titan Image Generator customization

Titan Image Generator is part of Amazon’s family of foundation models available on Amazon Bedrock, the company’s platform for AI tool development. Unlike standalone apps, Titan is more like a tool for developers to power their image generators oriented to consumers.

At this time, they also announced the release of smaller models like Titan Text Lite for simple text generation and Titan Express, which can power larger conversational chatbots.

Amazon Titan Image Generator image editing

Invisibly-Watermarked and Copyright-Backed AI Images 

Another interesting point in the presentation is that all the images synthesized with this model carry an invisible watermark that identifies them as AI-generated by Titan Image Generator. This watermark integrates into the pictures and, while invisible to the human eye, cannot be cropped out or removed. 

Simultaneously, the firm released an API for the software to detect this watermark. 

Amazon Titan Image Generator inpaiting

As Vasi Philomin, VP for generative AI at AWS, told The Verge, this responds to a commitment to responsible AI development that Amazon voluntarily entered with the White House in July.

Furthermore, Amazon is extending copyright indemnity for users of Titan Image Generator and all the other Titan foundation models. 

This is particularly relevant as transparency, ethics, and legality are among the most pressing issues to solve in the AI-generated media field. 

And that's the lowdown on Amazon's latest move in the AI image creation arena. It will be interesting to see new apps powered by Titan Image Generator!


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