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Last update on October 5, 2023

Artifact Adds AI Image Generation for Posts

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The rapidly developing news aggregator app from Instagram’s co-founders, Artifact, keeps widening its service, and the latest update lets you add your own AI-generated images to your posts on the platform. 

This new feature came out merely a month after posting on the app became possible and profiles Artifact as a clear competitor for X (former Twitter). 

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AI Image Generation on Artifact

According to the app’s announcement, adding a text-to-image generator within Artifact responds to feedback that users find it hard to select the perfect cover image for their posts. They believe giving them the possibility to generate their own custom picture solves that issue. 

The new AI image-generating feature is available on iOS and Android and is very simple to use. All you have to do is tap on the “+” symbol on the photo frame of your new post and select “Create with AI.” 

From there, it works like any other tool of its kind: you enter a descriptive text prompt of the image you wish to see, and the software creates it for you.

While it is said a simple description with a few keywords is enough to get results, their guideline suggests writing prompts with more details, including a medium (such as digital painting or 3D illustration) and a style (like “photo-realistic” or “pop art”) for a better outcome. 

It’s possible to regenerate images with the same prompt, edit prompts to improve results and save the generated pictures to your camera roll. Once you have a visual you’re satisfied with, you can select it to add to your post. 

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From Custom News Aggregator to X Competitor Through AI

Artifact was launched in January of 2023. Yes, only nine months ago. And it’s the brainchild of Instagram’s co-founders Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger. It is described as a personalized news aggregator based on machine learning. Essentially, the app uses AI to determine the user’s interest and curate news that are interesting and relevant to their preferences. 

The similarities with Elon Musk’s X –formerly Twitter– were identified from the start, but the latest developments make it much clearer as Artifact started to gear towards a more social-network style with an AI-powered background. 

In early September, they introduced Links, a feature to add and post a link about anything you think relevant –a blog post, a video, a product listing, etc.–, add images, notes, or even AI-generated summaries, and share it on the app. Little over a week after that, they launched Posts, a full-blown social feature to share richer content, including title, text, and images, with a unique URL that simplifies sharing it across different platforms. And now, a week after Posts, the AI image generation functionality has been added. 

Do you use Artifact? Does this new feature appeal to you? Share your thoughts!


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