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Last update on October 4, 2023

Canva Unveils Magic Studio, AI-Driven Design Suite with Video Generation Capabilities

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Celebrating its 10th birthday, user-friendly design platform Canva announced the most crucial product update they've ever developed: the all-inclusive Magic Studio.

It serves as a centralized portal for AI-driven tools that are universally accessible, requiring no design expertise, and are built to address all user design needs, all within Canva's ecosystem.

With a goal to streamline workflow and improve visual outcomes, Magic Studio offers an end-to-end solution from concept to professional design to automation of tedious processes.

It definitely has potential!


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Magic Studio Propels Canva into an AI-Driven Future

A crucial element in Canva's meteoric rise over the past ten years has been its ground-breaking model that resonates with hands-on business owners and individual users having multi-faceted creative needs and no design background, capitalizing on the blossoming mobile market of that time.

The newly released Magic Studio bundles various design and content creation aspects under one umbrella. In conjunction with its AI-based product collaborations, Canva is ensuring it stays at the forefront of the industry through its adoption of AI technology capable of producing great results with less user effort and no specialized knowledge required, all while retaining the easy-to-use and trend-setting nature that highlights its service.

An Upgrade Geared to Premium Canva Users

While users having free Canva accounts have limited access to some new features, Magic Studio is predominantly designed for paid subscribers.

Members of Canva Pro, Canva for Teams, and Canva Enterprise premium segments now have unrestricted access to all the mentioned features in Magic Studio.

AI Video Generation Powered by Runway & More AI-Generated Media

One tool within the Studio suite is Magic Media, a rebranded and expanded version of Canva's Text-to-Image creation tool that was launched in 2022.

In Magic Media –accessible from the Canva editor's control panel– you'll find features for converting texts into static images, including digital artwork, 3D pictures, and photos. But the key attraction is the ability to generate short videos.

Under a new alliance with video expert Runway, Canva users can now create short videos from textual instructions or still images from Canva.

Canva is amongst the early adopters to try out AI video generation, a leading trend for many image-centric brands.

Magic Design – AI Visual Creation for Graphics, Videos, and Presentations

To overcome the unappealing task of starting a design from scratch, Magic Design, a feature newly added, instantly converts written ideas into designs, thereby allowing users to develop engaging content more effectively.

You can simply input your idea or the kind of content required, add any image or video, and Magic Design auto-generates the content for you. This applies to static graphics like ads and social media posts but also motion designs. Magic Design pledges to create professional videos in seconds, efficiently fulfilling the growing demand for video content. It also automates the process of creating presentations.

You can manually edit and customize your results, including adding visual identity elements of your brand from your Brand Kit, to produce the perfect final design.

Magic Switch – Reformat your Content in Seconds

Another innovative feature launched is Magic Switch. This tool can convert designs and layouts into various formats based on user requests, such as turning a document into a presentation or vice versa.

Additionally, Magic Switch provides automatic, on-page translation in multiple languages.

This ingenious feature that's not seen elsewhere quickly and easily handles what was previously a meticulous task with a single click. Magic Switch could revolutionize how businesses and brands execute multiplatform, multilingual marketing campaigns, among other potential uses.

On-Brand Voice Capabilities with Magic Write

An already popular tool is Magic Write, an AI-driven writing assistant that has been recently upgraded. It can generate text for almost any purpose and now has built-in brand voice functionality that checks the text against your brand's unique tone.

This is a helpful feature to get the text you need instantly, ensuring that content is consistent and personal, regardless of who on the team is creating it or what it's being used for.

Magic Edits – More Powerful than Ever Before

Having been available since 2022, Magic Edits is a suite of AI-powered image editing tasks that can be utilized with the Canva image editor. In this latest version, there have been numerous new capabilities added in order to streamline the creative process and bring your ideas to life, while making adjustments to your designs quickly and effectively.

Magic Grab: Converts a photo into a modifiable graphic composition, allowing you to select and reposition or replace objects, backgrounds, and text with a single click.
Magic Expand: Allows for seamless expansion of your image's canvas, utilizing AI to generate content that fills the new frame and completes the scene effectively.
Magic Morph: Selects shapes or text in your designs and generates noticeable effects through text prompts to help swiftly revamp your visuals.
Magic Edit: Changes isolated elements in your image to achieve your goal by selecting the desired changes and letting the generative AI work its magic.

Related is the Magic Animate feature, which removes the necessity of manually adding animation effects to your designs, allowing users to apply animated effects to their visuals faster and consistently.

AI-Enabled Partnerships in Canva's App Marketplace

Last but not least is Canva's app store featuring advanced AI-powered design and productivity applications from several partnerships.

OpenAI's Dall-E and Google's Imagen, the text-to-image generators, are newcomers that work in conjunction with Magic Media to help you create and perfect your images. Along with these, there are also many apps for creating synthetic content like music, avatars, illustrations, and more from top-tier partners like Murf AI, Soundraw, Heygen, and D-ID.

Canva's Magic Studio – A Robust AI Design Suite

In conclusion, the newly launched Magic Studio by Canva offers a complete suite of AI-powered tools gathered under a single banner, with the objective of transforming the world's conception of creating visual and written content and catering to every user's needs without the need for their learning complicated text prompts or understanding the principles of professional graphic design.

Have you given Magic Studio a try yet?


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