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Last update on March 27, 2023

CEPIC AI Day Congress Coming this May — Let’s Meet After the Speech!

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CEPIC AI Day Congress Coming this May. Let’s Meet After the Speech.

CEPIC AI Day Congress Coming this May. Let’s Meet After the Speech.

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The CEPIC organization announced the upcoming AI Day, a one-day congress happening this May in France, and focused on the latest AI developments in the visual field. 

This event will bring together experts from the Artificial Technology and the visual communications industry to share knowledge and discuss the latest advancements in visual AI. And I’ll be one of them! 

Everyone interested in how AI is and will continue transforming the visual field should not miss this congress. 

Read on as I tell you more about the program and the panel I will be integrating. 


The CEPIC AI Day will take place on May 11th, 2023, at The Palais de Congress in Antibes, France, in the center of the Sophia-Antipolis technologic park. And it will be part of the CEPIC Congress 2023 but open to anyone interested in AI in visual communications: photo and press agencies, photographers, designers, marketers, and technologists, among others.

The one-day event will host various presentations and discussions on AI's legal, creative, and commercial applications in the global visual communications industry, including Generative AI, image recognition, natural language processing, and machine learning. 

The keynotes, panels, and presentations will be led by experts from across the globe and from different fields, such as representatives from Shutterstock (leading stock photo agency), Adobe (top creative software provider), vAIsual (legally-safe, generative AI company), as well as specialist lawyers from key markets like the US, the UK, and Europe. 

Like other CEPIC-hosted events, AI Day promises attendees not only dynamic and insightful discussions but also the opportunity to network with leading professionals worldwide. 

Also, the event will see the formal presentation of CEPIC’s AI Ethical Guidelines for the Re-Use and Production of Visual Content. 

Join my Talk: Generative AI as Business Opportunity Panel

Amos Struck - AI Author at AI Secrets
Amos Struck – Founder of Stockphotos.com and AI Expert

I, Amos Struck, as the founder of Stockphotos.com, will have the pleasure of being one of the panelists –alongside vAIsual’s Mark Milstein and Michael Osterreider and other experts that will be announced soon– in this discussion about the ways in which AI technology is revolutionizing the licensed stock media industry. 

We will discuss:

  • How to leverage stock media libraries and remain profitable on the heels of this new media format boom while respecting copyright holders’ rights and livelihood
  • How to provide legally clean datasets that result in more inclusive, ethical, and legally safer AI-generated content 

This is a unique opportunity to learn how to leverage your stock photo library to make a positive impact in the fight for ethical AI. 

Our panel starts at 11 AM in the Fitzgerald Room, on the 3rd Floor. I hope to see you all there!

What is CEPIC

For those of you who don't know, CEPIC (which stands for Coordination of European Picture Agencies Stock, Press and Heritage) is an international organization founded in 1993 that represents hundreds of picture libraries, thousands of photographers, videographers, and increasingly synthographers, that license their work on or off-line.

As part of its activities, the CEPIC hosts an annual industry Congress and other relevant events to impulse knowledge and development in the visual communications business.

How to Attend CEPIC AI Day

As mentioned above, AI Day is part of the CEPIC Congress 2023 program and a stand-alone event. 

As such, you can register for the whole Congress or sign up for just the AI Day date. 

Registration is already open, and here you can find all the information to register for both the Congress and the day event and for either members or non-members of CEPIC. 

With the vertiginous escalation of AI in visual communication, I think this is one event worth attending for sure. Will you meet me there?


Amos Struck

All About Amos

As an ICT expert with over 20 years of experience, I have worked on a number of projects also involving AI technology. I have been writing about image technology related to design and photography since 2006, and have gained a reputation as an expert in the stock photo industry.

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