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Last update on September 25, 2023

Getty Images Launches Commercially Safe AI Image Generator Powered by NVIDIA

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Getty Images, the notable stock media licensing agency, has unveiled its proprietary AI image generator called Generative AI by Getty Images.

This promising new tool has been crafted in partnership with NVIDIA. Unlike other AI image generators, Generative AI uses Getty Images' extensive content library for training and is said to produce AI-generated pictures that are ethical, unbiased, and commercially safe, backed by a full royalty-free license.


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Responsibly-Developed Text-To-Image Generator by Getty Images & NVIDIA

Getty's new AI image generator, which was launched today, leverages NVIDIA's Picasso's robust AI generative model, Edify –available on the online foundry for generative models NVIDIA Picasso— providing scalability without compromising on speed and performance.

Currently, this new tool is accessible via a demo request on the Getty Images website, with plans to incorporate it into Getty's online creative repository and provide API service for large-scale commercial applications.

Pricing details have not been released as yet; however, it will be structured separately from traditional image licensing, with cost points determined by the volume of prompts.

Like this, Getty collaborates to increase the impressive numbers in visual AI stats so far.

Generative AI generates images based on text prompts and allows users to specify aspects like photo or illustration style, aspect ratio, color, and mood. It creates four variations of an image as per the specified input. The generator includes a prompt constructor to assist users in creating an effective description for image synthesis.

As reported by The Verge after their own testing, the tool does particularly well in creating human figures, outperforming other AI image generators in this regard.

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Getty's Commitment to Ethical AI Development in Its Native Tool

Committed to an ethical approach to AI image generation from early on –you may remember they're suing Stability AI for copyright infringement after the unauthorized scrapping of its library contents for AI training, and that they're partnered with BRIA in the creation of a generative model that compensates human artists for their involvement in data for AI training– Getty Images has taken several steps to ensure its proprietary AI image generator is as ethical as possible.

For one, the firm has intentionally eliminated certain terms from the AI-generative model's training dataset, prohibiting the generation of images of celebrities or mimicking real-life artist styles to prevent “deepfakes” or copycat content.

Additionally, their AI safeguards against the propagation of harmful bias related to gender or race, a recurrent challenge in AI-generated media.

Lastly, contributors to Getty Images are compensated for their original creations utilized in training the software and synthesizing new images.

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Full Legal Coverage for Commercial Use of AI Images

The unique selling point of this AI-generated image creator –though very similar to other options released earlier by competitors, such as Shutterstock Generate or Adobe Firefly– is that all its output images are protected under Getty Images' royalty-free license.

While this cancels out the copyright ownership of visuals generated with the tool, it extends a perpetual and global right of use, including commercial usage with minor limitations.

More importantly, it means the images are safeguarded under Getty's unlimited indemnification against copyright claims, asserting their legal validity against intellectual property and name or likeness issues.

Hence, compared to other widely adopted internet options, these images are more commercially secure.

To take Generative AI for a spin, request a demo on the Getty Images website here.

And do tell us what you think of the tool!


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