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Last update on February 9, 2024

Google Rebrands Bard into Gemini and Launches Paid Service and Mobile App

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Shortly after officially announcing the integration of AI image generation into it, Google is rebranding its AI chatbot Bard and naming it after the current generative model powering it, Gemini. 

The new Google Gemini can assist with simple to complex tasks and generate pictures from text prompts. A premium and more advanced version is available under a paid subscription, signaling the tech giant's entry into the competitive landscape of AI subscription offerings. New Gemini mobile apps are now available as well. 

Google Gemini: Multimodal AI Chatbot

Google Gemini is the evolution of the previously known Google Bard, an AI chatbot that recently incorporated text-to-image generation. 

Built on top of Google’s sophisticated large language model to date that gives its name, Gemini (in its Pro 1.0 version) aims to provide users with advanced AI capabilities for collaboration and assistance in various tasks, from suggesting places for dinner to writing code to generating realistic images from a text description provided. 

Along with the rebranding, the company introduced two significant advancements to this tool: the Ultra 1.0 AI model and a new mobile app experience. 

Gemini Advanced Experience: Premium AI Assistant

Gemini also introduces the Ultra 1.0 AI model, which is the most capable state-of-the-art AI model offered by Google to date. This model is designed to handle highly complex tasks such as coding, logical reasoning, following nuanced instructions, and collaborating on creative projects. It offers enhanced capabilities compared to previous models, allowing for longer, more detailed conversations and a better understanding of the context of earlier interactions.

The Ultra 1.0 model is available in Gemini Advanced, a new experience locked behind a paid subscription named Google One AI Premium Plan, which includes access to the latest AI advancements and storage benefits. It costs $19.99 monthly, but the first two months are free. AI Premium subscribers will soon be able to integrate Gemini into various Google products such as Gmail, Docs, Slides, and Sheets. The service is initially available in over 150 countries and territories and only in English, with plans to expand to more languages over time.

Like this, the tech corporation enters the competition with similar existing offers for premium AI assistants, like those provided by Microsoft Copilot or OpenAI ChatGPT Plus. 

Gemini for Mobile

Considering user feedback that asked for quicker access to Bard (now Gemini) on mobile devices, Google also introduced a new mobile app for Gemini, making it easier for users to access the AI platform on their phones. 

The app allows users to interact with Gemini by typing, voice commands, or uploading images. It offers a conversational, multimodal experience, enabling users to get assistance while on the go. The app is available on both Android and iOS devices.

Overall, Gemini represents a significant advancement in Google’s AI offer, giving users access to powerful AI capabilities through the Ultra 1.0 model and a user-friendly mobile app experience for enhanced collaboration and assistance. 

Are you planning to try Gemini Advanced? Let us know your thoughts!


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