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Last update on November 8, 2023

Google Introduces Generative AI Tools for Ad Creation

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Google recently launched generative AI tools for ad creation, including headlines, descriptions, and images. 

Aimed at both advertising agencies and business owners with no in-house marketing team, the new AI features debuting on Google’s Performance Max ad campaign service let you use text prompts to produce ad copy and visuals according to your needs, potentially revolutionizing the advertising landscape and creative marketing workflows. 

Google's Generative AI for Advertisers

The Internet titan Google has introduced a new set of generative AI tools focusing on enhancing the experience and results when creating ads on its platform. 

The new Google AI tools offer capabilities that range from creating headlines and descriptions to synthesizing and editing accompanying images for ad campaigns, all using written instructions as commands. 

You may also enhance your existing content, be it visuals or copy, choosing with relevant elements to retain and which to improve with AI. An advanced image editing solution similar to the Magic Editor features found on the new Google Pixel 8 is in the pipeline, too. Plus, the features exploit performance data to make content suggestions aimed at improving your ad results. 

The company assures its model does not generate the same identical image twice, thereby avoiding the potential issue of competing businesses ending up with the same visual elements in their advertising materials.

Plus, all ad content generated via Google AI is under SynthID, Google’s metadata watermark intended to bring transparency and help detect content that has been created with AI assistance.

The step-by-step ad creator is available for users of Google's Performance Max ad campaign product that is intended for generating ads tailored for various Google platforms, including search and shopping, and will also reach customers of Merchant Center Next, a tool that lets you control how your product is showcased across Google. 

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Instant Ad Creation, Enhancement and Repurposing with AI

The company brands this technology as a resource for both advertising agencies and businesses that may lack in-house creative capabilities, and it’s easy to see the value in these features for both groups. 

The ability to generate multiple iterations of text and visuals until you find the most suitable content by just inputting text on a field. The opportunity to explore multiple ad variations to suit different contexts and audiences. And the possibility of easily updating and repurposing existing ads. 

For example, you could swap an image’s original background for a holiday-themed one and instantaneously make your visual ad more current and specific. 

Google's ad creation innovation represents a significant step forward in the world of advertising, letting advertisers and businesses employ AI to create more engaging and efficient ad campaigns with a strong focus on precision and creativity. 


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