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Last update on January 10, 2024

iStock’s New AI Image Generator for Small Businesses

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AI Image Generator by iStock Commercially Safe AI Image Generator iStock 1 2048x1060 1
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Getty Images, iStock's parent company, has introduced a cutting-edge AI image generation tool named Generative AI by iStock, targeting small businesses, designers, and marketers.

This AI image generator utilizes NVIDIA Picasso's power, providing an economical solution for brands and businesses to delve into generative AI for their visual marketing requirements, ensuring commercial safety.

Explore Generative AI by iStock here!

AI Image Generator by iStock Commercially Safe AI Image Generator iStock 2048x1060 1

Generative AI by iStock: Legally Secure, High-Quality AI Images

Recently unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), Generative AI by iStock is a text-to-image generator proficient in synthesizing images from written descriptions. Its purpose is to enable small and medium-sized businesses to seamlessly transform their creative visions into compelling content.

Built on NVIDIA Picasso and its generative AI model for image creation, the technology is exclusively trained with premium content from Getty Images and iStock's creative, commercial-use libraries. This guarantees the creation of legally secure visuals, protecting against unauthorized, copyrighted elements.

This creative tool mirrors Generative AI by Getty Images, also powered by NVIDIA Picasso and released in late 2023. The key distinctions lie in the former's orientation towards enterprise clients with unlimited indemnification against copyright claims, while the iStock generator caters to individuals and small companies, offering limited indemnification per asset.

Access Generative AI by iStock on the agency's website. Simply input your prompt, and the software will generate four images based on your input. Supporting 75 languages, it is accessible globally. Additionally, a prompt builder aids in adding relevant information for optimal results.

Moreover, the AI image generator seamlessly integrates with iStock's traditional photo library (now termed pre-shot images), allowing customers to work with both human-made and AI-generated imagery as desired.

A user-friendly tool, it produces high-quality visuals, addressing various creative needs that might be challenging, costly, or cumbersome to fulfill otherwise.

Legally Supported and Budget-Friendly AI Images

A notable feature of this AI image generator is the legal protection accompanying its produced images. However, the tool comes at a price.

Presently, iStock's AI-generated images start at $19.99 for 100 prompts, each generating four image variations. Downloading these images issues an iStock license at no additional cost. Importantly, this license includes $10,000 per image legal coverage as part of their guarantee policy, safeguarding against potential legal issues related to copyrighted elements.

You can download images in medium or large resolution at your discretion, with a large download consuming an extra credit.

The assurance that any licensed visual comes with iStock's standard legal guarantee provides peace of mind.

Ethically and Legally Trained AI Image Generator

Addressing legal safety concerns, Getty Images is implementing measures to prevent its iStock AI image generator from creating potentially harmful or problematic content.

As mentioned, the NVIDIA Picasso custom model is trained solely with proprietary content from Getty Images and iStock, excluding the entire editorial catalog from Getty Images from the training datasets. This prevents the software from replicating images of known products, people, places, or other copyrighted elements.

And contributors have the option to be compensated for the use of their original art in the training datasets.

Are you considering trying Generative AI by iStock? Share your thoughts on the generated images!


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