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Last update on October 4, 2023

Meta Rolls Out Generative AI Features for Advertisers

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Meta generative AI features for Ads Manager
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Meta, the parent company of Facebook, has announced a significant integration of generative AI-centered features into its advertising platform, Ads Manager. 

The three new features introduced are designed to significantly assist advertisers in tailoring and optimizing their campaigns across Meta-owned channels.

Read on to see what each of these new features can do. 

Background Generation to Beautify Product Images

The Background Generation feature will offer advertisers an array of backgrounds that perfectly fit with product images, thereby eliminating the need for manually creating or modifying backgrounds. 

Through this feature –which is similar to the recently unveiled Backdrop that generates AI backgrounds for selfies on Instagram– the process of creating visually appealing ad visuals becomes streamlined and less time-consuming. 

Image Expansion to Change Image Dimensions Naturally

Image Expansion uses advanced AI algorithms to adjust pictures to different aspect ratios that are consistent with the guidelines of various platforms, adding visual content intuitively to fill in the new frames. It’s similar to Photoshop’s popular Generative Fill. 

This enables advertisers to use a single visual across multiple platforms without the need for manual adjustments, making it a versatile tool.

Text Variations to Explore Possibilities with Ad Copy

The Text Variations feature stands out for its ability to generate numerous versions of an ad text. The AI integrated into the Ads Manager platform will consider the original copy provided by the advertiser and generate multiple variations. 

This function significantly enriches the creative process for advertisers, enabling them to enhance their ad copy quickly and effortlessly.

Meta AI Developments Focused on Businesses and Advertisers 

With these considerable advancements, Meta has brought forth an innovative approach that allows advertisers to save up to five hours per week, thus greatly boosting productivity levels. 

However, the development of their AI technology does not stop here. The company’s near future plans will introduce more ways for advertisers to produce ad copy that highlights their main selling points and allow brands to integrate Meta’s recently unveiled AI characters into messaging apps, including Messenger and WhatsApp, to give customers interactive experiences with their brands, among other upcoming developments. 

Are you using Meta’s Ad Manager? Let us know your experience with the new AI generative features!


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