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Last update on October 26, 2023

Shutterstock Launches Creative AI Integration to Customize Stock Photos

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Shutterstock, the tech-driven stock photo agency, has taken a significant stride in harnessing the power of visual AI with the introduction of a Creative AI suite integrated into its vast image library. This move marks a groundbreaking development in the stock photography industry.

With the incorporation of these new AI editing features, users now have the capability to personalize any image from Shutterstock's extensive catalog, opening up limitless creative possibilities. Here, we delve into the details of this innovative tool.

Incorporating Built-In Creative AI Features

shutterstock creative ai features

Shutterstock has unveiled six cutting-edge generative AI features seamlessly integrated into its extensive stock photo library. These features allow users to effortlessly transform any image within the repository with just a single click, resulting in stunning visuals tailored to their specific needs.

The newly introduced AI features, currently available in beta, encompass:

  1. Magic Brush: This feature empowers users to select an element or space in a photo and effortlessly erase it or replace it with a new element by using a text prompt.
  2. Variations: Users can now generate three distinct versions of any stock image, exploring a multitude of compositions.
  3. Expand: Zoom out and automatically fill in a larger frame with additional details, enhancing the original image.
  4. Background Remover: This feature, soon to be available, allows users to easily remove and replace the background in a photo while retaining the primary subjects. Text prompts enable users to select the perfect background.
  5. Crop: Smartly adjust the shape of your image to match your desired frame, enabling modifications to size, ratio, and focal point.
  6. Filter: Transform the style of an image with a selection of available filters.
shutterstock creative ai magic brush
Shutterstock Magic Brush feature in use

These innovative features complement Shutterstock Generate, an AI image generator based on Dall-E, introduced earlier this year. The latest version of this generative AI model is now integrated into Creative AI. Moreover, the platform is set to introduce a new AI design assistant that was showcased a few months ago in the near future.

All these features are easily accessible from each image's page, and users can effortlessly license the final result by simply clicking the download button. Each download of an AI-generated or AI-edited stock image counts as one regular download, which can be deducted from any Shutterstock image plan or credit pack. Plus, Shutterstock is fully indemnifying users for the use of its AI-generated content.

shutterstock creative ai magic brush replace
Shutterstock generative AI combined with Magic Brush in “replace” mode example

Personalized Stock Images with AI

This exciting development effectively transforms Shutterstock's colossal library of 700 million images into an infinite resource for custom images right at your fingertips. What makes this truly remarkable is that it doesn't necessitate any design skills or the use of complex software. Any Shutterstock user can now swiftly modify professional stock images in a matter of seconds, yielding high-quality results ready for use in their creative projects.

In the words of Shutterstock's CEO, Paul Hennessy, this innovation makes it feel like users are directing their own photoshoot. It's akin to the Adobe Firefly integration into Photoshop, which is also compatible with Adobe Stock for AI-based editing of stock photos. This advancement opens up new creative possibilities for those seeking perfectly tailored stock imagery that aligns with their brand and creative needs.

Shutterstock's commitment to ethical generative AI resources is also noteworthy. The company trains its AI image generation tool using authorized content and compensates contributors for their work used in training and generating new images. Additionally, all AI-generated and AI-edited images from Shutterstock are available under a royalty-free license, ensuring their legality for commercial use.

In conclusion, Shutterstock's introduction of Creative AI marks a comprehensive and exciting opportunity to discover precisely what you need in a stock photo library.

Are you ready to explore the possibilities of Shutterstock's Creative AI? Share your experiences and results!


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