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Last update on January 12, 2023

Shutterstock Expands Partnership with Meta to Fuel AI Development

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The top stock media agency Shutterstock announced today the expansion of their long-standing collaboration with tech conglomerate company Meta

This expanding partnership expresses the companies’ commitment to AI innovation and hopes to put them at the forefront of developments in the space. 

Shutterstock + Meta: AI Model Training with Better Datasets

Per the announcement, Shutterstock believes their huge, high-quality catalog with millions of images, videos, and music tracks, combined with their scalable contributor-creator management and push for product innovation, make them an ideal partner for tech companies looking to deepen their footing in the blossoming AI field. 

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And that’s exactly what Meta will do, as they are set to develop, train and evaluate their machine learning capabilities with datasets from Shutterstock, which grants not only high technical quality but adds a layer of transparency and legal safety –given Shutterstock’s leading experience in media license and rights clearance. 

Shutterstock’s Growing Involvement in AI 

Shutterstock’s CEO Paul Hennessy said at the time of the announcement that they believe “AI has the potential to drive an explosion of creativity” and that the doubling-down of their relationship with Meta reflects on their goal of “invest(ing) in technology that brings creative ideas to life faster” and “continue to shape the future of generative AI in a way that is ethical and artist-centric.” 

This statement is consistent with the agency’s latest moves. Remember that in the last months of 2022, they partnered with OpenAI to bring Dall-E's functionality to Shutterstock's platform in the form of a new AI generation feature named Shutterstock Generate (currently in beta). They paired with LG AI Research in different efforts to help build legally sounder AI generative tools. They’re also the first company to create a compensation system to pay artists for using their work in AI model training. 

As is a trademark for them at this point, Shutterstock is pursuing its new objectives with sharp focus and lighting speed. Their strategic partnerships and internal developments could easily put them at the vanguard of the newly open and fast-growing AI image generation industry.

Their new projects with Meta align perfectly with their mission, and we are very excited to see what comes of it!


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