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Last update on August 9, 2023

Shutterstock Debuts Generative AI for 3D Map Building with NVIDIA Picasso

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Shutterstock recently unveiled a new visual AI tool that generates custom 3D scene backgrounds from text prompts. 

This application, built on NVIDIA’s cloud-based visual AI developing service Picasso, hopes to improve workflows for videogame, film, and advertising creatives and meet the increasing demand for immersive world creation.

It also clarifies that 3D modeling is one of the media formats generative AI seeks to conquer next. 


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Immersive 3D Scene Background Generation with AI 

The newly debuted gen AI application results from the ongoing partnership between Shutterstock and NVIDIA and incorporates Picasso’s (the firm’s cloud-based developing platform for AI tools) latest feature that helps artists enhance and light 3D scenes using text prompts. 

This AI 3D scene generator can analyze a text instruction and quickly create custom 360-degree, 8K resolution HDRi (high-dynamic-range imaging) environment maps based on it, and it can also precisely match the generated background to a sample image provided. These AI-generated 3D maps can then be used to set a background and light a scene.

It’s worth highlighting here that, through the companies’ cooperation, Picasso’s 3D-generating model uses only fully licensed, rights-reserved data.

Growing Market for Immersive 3D Visuals

As the two companies point out, immersive visuals are rising in demand in video games, film, virtual worlds, and advertising, among other fields, and the 3D artist community has grown by 20% in 2022. 

With that in mind, this new application is called to make 3D artists’ lives easier, allowing them to set up 3D maps accurately and faster to focus on designing hero 3D graphics –the main graphics in immersive environments. 

Are you a 3D artist? What do you think about this new, AI-powered 3D scene generator?


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