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Last update on May 2, 2023

Shutterstock to Host First Virtual Summit on Generative AI

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As AI image generation keeps gaining a foothold in the creative industry, more companies focus on offering not only AI-powered tools but also insight and guidance for businesses and creatives to make the best out of this technology. 

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Shutterstock is one of those companies. They are soon hosting their first-ever AI-focused virtual conference, Shutterstock Gen AI Showcase, where they will present new AI products and bring high-profile experts to share their knowledge and perspective on generative AI applied to visuals. 

You can RSVP to join the Gen AI Showcase on May 17 here!

And read on to learn a bit more about what you can expect to see there. 

Shutterstock Gen AI Showcase: A Virtual Conference on Generative AI

The Gen AI Showcase will be virtual on May 17, 2023, from 3 to 4 pm ET. The registration list is open, and anyone can sign up to attend the online event. This is the first event of its kind that Shutterstock ever hosts. 

The summit will include a discussion panel on opportunities, implications, and ethics of AI integration in the creative process, a ten-minute product demo where you will get to see how Shutterstock’s trademarked “Creativity at the Speed of Your Imagination” AI-powered workflow operates using the agency’s all-in-one creative platform – which includes Shutterstock Generate; and finally, a candid discussion about the philosophy and artistic meaning of AI: is it art or science? How can AI impact real artists' lives? And other important ethical questions will be touched upon. 

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Insight from Top Pros in the Industry

This conference will be imparted by leading visual, creative, and AI experts.

The different talks will be headed by several Shutterstock executives who are heavily involved in AI tech: CPO Meghan Schoen, Product Expert Michael Francello, VP of Brand Skip Wilson, and visual artist and contributor Jahmel Reynolds. 

There will also be professionals from first-class AI-involved companies, namely Diya Wynn, Senior Practice Manager of Responsible AI in AWS (Amazon Web Services), and Greg Estes, VP of Corporate Marketing & Developer Programs for Nvidia –who are currently partnering with Shutterstock–

Suffice it to say that this lineup of experts will bring valuable insight into the present and the future of generative AI for the creative industry. 

Attending the Gen AI Showcase is a great way of learning how the pros are using AI generative models in their creative process and the possibilities of AI image tools in the near future. 

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Sign up for Shutterstock Gen AI Showcase right here!


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