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Last update on December 1, 2023

Stable Diffusion’s New Generative AI Model Creates AI Images in Real Time

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Stability.AI keeps pushing the boundaries of generative AI with Stable Diffusion’s latest AI image-generating model, SDXL Turbo, which turns text into images in real time. 

Thanks to an innovative technique, SDXL Turbo can synthesize images to the point where you can see the visual developing on screen as you type the written prompt while maintaining the quality of the visual output.

See it in action in this video below: 


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Stable Diffusion SDLX Turbo: AI Image Generation in Real Time

Stable Diffusion’s newly released model SDLX Turbo represents an innovation in the AI image generation space and a considerable advancement within Stability.AI’s generative models and the vast tools and applications built upon them. 

Whereas most AI image generators use technology that requires a few steps to transform text into images and thus takes a few seconds to a minute to showcase the results, Turbo shows you the image created as you are still typing the prompt. 

According to the firm, this is possible thanks to the use of a novel technique called Adversarial Diffusion Distillation (ADD), which reduces the necessary steps for image synthesizing from 50 to just one while avoiding artifacts and blurriness. This way, the software can produce high-quality imagery almost at the same time as you input the written instructions for its creation. 

You can try SDLX Turbo on Clipdrop, Stable Diffusion’s image editing platform.

Just keep in mind at this time the model isn’t available for commercial use, only for non-for-profit, personal use.  

Stability.AI Forwards Visual AI Development

This company seems to be finishing the year with a bang and shooting for the next big thing in AI media generation. 

Little over a week ago, they released their new AI video generator, and now, with Turbo, they are trying to get ahead of the established AI image generation space. 

So far, the results are quite satisfactory. 

Ready to give SDLX Turbo a go? Let us know what you think of it!


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