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Last update on December 8, 2023

vAIsual’s GDPR Compliant PeopleMaker App Now Live in Canva

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vAIsual PeopleMaker
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The legal AI training dataset specialist startup vAIsual takes another step to further legally-clean AI image technology, as its generative AI app, PeopleMaker, is now available on the Canva design platform. 

PeopleMaker produces fake but realistic, AI-generated pictures of people, with the great added value of being legally sound, including complying with the GDPR – one of the world's toughest privacy and security laws. 

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PeopleMaker by vAIsual: Legally-Safe and High-Quality AI People Photos

vAIsual is a company that pioneered in and excels in providing image datasets that are water-tight and legally safe to use, high-resolution, and completely optimized for AI model training, as well as various image generative models trained on said datasets. 

PeopleMaker is their generative AI model that creates realistic –but not real– human figures. This AI model stands out because it’s been trained solely on in-house photos of posing real-life models, with every participant portrayed from multiple angles, in various facial expressions (between 200 and 300 shots per model, according to the company), and in high-resolution by professional photographers. Thorough written descriptions of each portrayed person are also collected and used in the training dataset.

While acknowledging it’s virtually impossible to produce a fully inclusive dataset without portraying every living person in the world, the company prides itself in making theirs as diverse as possible and constantly adds representation of people from multiple ethnical and racial backgrounds. They also disclose the breakdown of representation within the dataset for developers. 

Plus, and very significant, all the participants have signed a comprehensive biometric model release authorizing the use of their likeness in AI model training. 

As a result, PeopleMaker can synthesize humans accurately and more inclusively, and its background is as legal, ethical, and transparent as possible. It complies with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which is considered one of the most strict, if not the most strict, privacy and security laws in the world. 

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PeopleMaker in Canva Design Platform

vAIsual announced yesterday that PeopleMaker became available in the app library within Canva, one of today's most popular user-friendly design platforms. 

Like this, Canva users are able to add PeopleMaker to their Canva design suite, making it possible to add synthetic and ethically-created human characters to their visual projects easily, safely, and within their favorite graphic design tool. Pretty neat!

If you add PeopleMaker to your Canva account, let us know how it works for you!


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