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Last update on September 22, 2023

YouTube Adds AI Video Background Generation to Its Shorts Platform

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The dominant video creation and sharing platform, YouTube, has become the latest big name to join the AI frenzy as they announced the introduction of AI-powered video generative tools into their service. 

A new text-to-image feature will allow creators on the YouTube Shorts segment to generate video or image backgrounds by typing out the desired visual. 

The video-sharing titan believes that AI is the next big thing coming to video production and is making sure to get on an early bandwagon. 

Read on for more details on this and some planned future AI tools for YouTube. 

Dream Screen: AI Video Backgrounds for YouTube Shorts

Yesterday, during their “Made on YouTube” live event, the company unveiled a new AI-powered feature, Dream Screen, to be added to YouTube Shorts –the vertical, short-form video segment designed to compete with TikTok that was launched back in 2020. 

This new tool will allow creators to synthesize any video or image background they can imagine just by entering a descriptive text prompt. “A panda drinking coffee” or “a beach with sand made of jelly beans” were some uncommon concepts used as demo examples during the event, but the feature can also produce more real-life imagery, such as outer space. 

At this time, Dream Screen is available for a select group of YouTube Shorts creators, but the plan is to roll it out to the public early next year. 

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Future AI Video Tools Coming to YouTube

While Dream Screen is months from being fully released, the firm has disclosed some of its mid-term plans for AI-powered video features. 

For example, they mentioned a tool to edit or remix your videos to create entirely new content, just by typing in ideas. And there will also be a function to dub videos into other languages using AI automatically. 

Dream Screen YouTube Sample Videos

Generative AI Will Democratize Video Production 

According to TechCrunch’s report, the company’s CEO Neal Mohan said that “At YouTube, we want to make it easier for everyone to feel like they can create and we believe generative AI will make that possible.” 

Tools like Dream Screen, says Mohan, will bring video creation closer to many people who have not yet published anything on the platform because they think they need a big production studio or deep knowledge of YouTube analytics. 

AI Will Fuel the Short-Form Video Market

It’s not random that YouTube is adding its first AI features to Shorts in particular. 

This short-form video segment currently boasts 70 billion daily views, which has grown from 50 billion back in January. 

And the company expects that AI video tools will fuel those numbers even more.

Will you try an AI video background for your YouTube Shorts productions? Let us know! 


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