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Last update on June 8, 2023

Adobe Unveils Firefly for Enterprise: Customizable AI Generative Models for Businesses

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Adobe announced a new, upcoming service for businesses today, based on their family of AI generative models, Adobe Firefly.

The new Firefly for Enterprise will combine text-based AI generation with the also new and already available Express for Enterprise platform to give large companies' teams the ability to create stunning visuals in no time.

Not only that, but enterprise clients will be able to train Firefly models with their own content to generate on-brand imagery that is fully transparent and commercially safer to use.

The software giant says the core goal of this development is to help brands and corporations scale up their content production and modernize their workflows in preparation for the growing demand for content that’s to come. 

Read on for more details on this promising new AI resource for brands.

Firefly for Enterprise: A Generative AI Platform for Businesses

Adobe disclosed Firefly for Enterprise earlier today at the Adobe Summit EMEA 2023. In the same event, they announced the rolling out of Express for Enterprise, the new corporate access for the company's user-friendly design tool Adobe Express.

Firefly for Enterprise will give companies' teams access to Adobe Creative Cloud, Experience Cloud, and Adobe Express, with built-in features powered by Adobe Firefly’s generative AI models: text-to-image generation, quick image editing, and copywriting. 

Adobe firefly in Photoshop

The idea is that corporative clients can combine Firefly’s ability to synthesize images (and copy) from text prompts with Adobe Express’ professionally-designed templates and user-friendly editing features, Creative Cloud’s pro editing tools, and Experience Manager’s CMS capabilities, so that everyone of their employees can produce content seamlessly, be it for internal or external uses, faster and easier, and regardless of their knowledge of graphic design or marketing.

This new offer comes as Adobe shares Firefly's huge success in its short life: Since its launch in March 2023, its AI-image generator has produced 200 million images, and the Photoshop integration Generative Fill has created 150 million pictures already in only two weeks.

According to the software firm, large brands are expecting a need to produce 5x more content in the coming years, and this kind of platform will help them scale up and level up their workflow to meet that need.

Sample of Adobe Firefly functionality

Custom-Trained Firefly Models: On-Brand, Legally Solid AI Visuals

A main feature of Adobe Firefly's offer is in the way the models are trained: Adobe used legally-compliant datasets containing solely Adobe Stock content, openly licensed content, and public domain content. This training reduces the possibility of the tools generating content that infringes other people's copyright and, thus, results in commercially safer AI-generated media. This is no minor benefit for businesses using AI-generated content to promote their brands.

Firefly for Enterprise will add a new dimension by enabling corporate clients to train Adobe's generative AI models with their own content. This essentially gives companies AI content generation tools that will produce perfectly on-brand visuals that will have minimal legal risks.

Plus, all content created with Firefly includes Adobe’s proprietary Content Credentials metadata, indicating the AI-generated nature of the file and increasing transparency for end users.

There is no release date for Firefly for Enterprise yet, we only know it will roll out sometime during the second half of this year.

Interestingly, Shutterstock has recently launched enterprise access for their Creative Flow design platform, which includes their native Shutterstock Generate AI image generator as well. AI generative solutions for large teams seem to be a hot market spot for these firms.

What do you think about Adobe's upcoming Firefly for Enterprise? Will you try it?


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