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Last update on March 8, 2024

Adobe Firefly Goes Mobile in the New Adobe Express App

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Adobe has introduced a beta version of a new Adobe Express mobile application, incorporating innovative AI capabilities driven by Adobe Firefly, the company’s renowned suite of AI models.

The Adobe Express app presents itself as a versatile content creation tool that aims to transform mobile content creation. It brings Adobe Firefly to mobile platforms just a year after its initial release, demonstrating the company's rapid pace in AI development and Firefly's enormous popularity.

adobe express mobile app generative fill
Generative Fill in Adobe Express App – courtesy of Adobe

AI Generation from Firefly in the New Adobe Express Mobile App

Last year, the desktop iteration of Adobe Express seamlessly integrated Firefly's AI generation, earning praise for its fusion of creativity and efficiency. Users across diverse fields lauded its ability to craft visually stunning content for work, business, education, and recreation.

With the beta launch for mobile, Adobe extends Firefly's popular features to smartphones, enhancing on-the-go productivity. This new app enables users to craft impactful designs, compelling videos, animations, and content for various platforms directly from their mobile devices, requiring no specialized skills.

The arrival of Firefly on mobile platforms signifies the swift pace of AI development; Adobe unveiled its suite of generative AI models barely a year ago!

adobe express mobile app templates
Design Templates in Adobe Express – Courtesy of Adobe

Adobe Firefly AI Features within the Express App

The new Adobe Express app incorporates some of Firefly's most popular features. With Generative Fill, users can generate new images by describing their desired visual, allowing Firefly to create it. Additionally, Firefly can perform various image edits, such as object removal or addition, seamless image merging, frame expansion, and more.

Text Effects allow users to transform plain text into captivating animated fonts, ensuring their message resonates with the target audience.

Furthermore, Adobe Firefly prioritizes legal compliance. Its generative AI models are trained exclusively with authorized data and imagery, providing users with peace of mind when creating visuals for their businesses or professional projects.

Integration with Creative Cloud and Free Premium Access (During Beta)

The Express mobile app complements Creative Cloud subscriptions, offering in-app access to Adobe Stock assets and enabling integration with professional-grade apps like Photoshop and Illustrator.

The Adobe Express app is available on iOS and Android platforms, although iOS users need to sign up via a dedicated page due to platform restrictions for beta users.

During the beta phase, all users enjoy full premium access for free, encouraging exploration of the app's features and soliciting feedback for further improvement.

Adobe Firefly's Official Landing in Mobile Platforms

Firefly has now become available for mobile creative workflows by powering image editing features within the Adobe Express app.

One of the latest products to join the generative AI race, Adobe Firefly keeps gaining ground as a worthy contender for some earlier tools like Midjourney or Dall-E, disputing popularity on desktop and now integrating mobile functionality.

We can only imagine where Adobe Firefly will go from here!


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