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Last update on October 11, 2023

Adobe Max 2023: AI-Driven Features Coming to Revolutionize Creative Cloud

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Adobe Max 2023 Conference's Sneaks offers a glimpse into AI-enabled features coming to Adobe Creative Cloud's applications, currently in the early stages of development.

The features, powered by Adobe Firefly generative AI models, include text-driven video editing, advanced object-aware image editing, and AI 3D model generation, among others.

Just a day ago, Adobe revealed the newest versions of Adobe Firefly at the same event.

Take a look at the innovative projects Adobe is currently undertaking!

Generative AI Video Editing – Project Fast Fill

One of the most promising applications of Adobe Firefly showcased at Adobe Max 2023 is Fast Fill — primarily a “Generative Fill for video.”

Adobe's Firefly's AI capacities — already implemented in Photoshop — will allow users to execute video edits using text instructions.

Other functionalities previewed include Dub Dub, a function that uses AI to automatically convert audio tracks into various languages, retaining the original voice and synchronization; Scene Change, a tool to merge two videos from different perspectives into a single scene; and Res Up, an AI-enabled video upscaler.

These video editing tools are set to revolutionize Adobe's Premiere Pro and After Effects.

Check out Adobe's official announcement here.

AI 3D Modelling and Design – Projects Poseable and Neo

Adobe is also set to introduce innovations within 3D modeling and design through the use of AI technology.

Project Poseable is a Firefly-powered feature capable of generating 3D images from text prompts, considering depth, perspective, and orientation.

Project Neo proposes to incorporate 3D components into 2D graphical designs through AI without needing specific knowledge in 3D object manipulation.

Additionally, Adobe hinted at features to automate calligraphy and convert doodles into full-fledged sketches, among others.

AI Image Object Manipulation – Project Stardust


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For Photoshop, Adobe is developing enhancements, with a sneak peek into improved, AI-driven object-manipulation tools, expanding the creative capabilities of Photoshop users.

Adobe's Project Stardust aims to intelligently control objects within pictures, enabling editors to select complex objects, alter their elements, and flawlessly fill the original space.

Features such as adjusting the position of a person in a photo or changing the color of their clothes, all through AI, are on the horizon.

A noteworthy feature, named See Through, seeks to use AI to eliminate glass reflections from images, which can be a challenging task to achieve manually and often significantly enhances photos' quality.

Adobe Sneaks: A Glimpse into Creative Cloud's Future

Adobe's Sneaks, a key aspect of the annual Adobe Max conference, gives audiences insight into Adobe's current projects and prospective enhancements to their software.

This year, a total of eleven new inventions in their early development phase were showcased.

Which feature are you most excited to try out?


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