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Last update on February 21, 2024

BRIA Raises $24M Funding to Further Responsible Generative AI Tech, Getty Images Among Investors

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Bria Raise 24Million
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BRIA, a company pioneering responsible generative AI and partnering with Getty Images, announced today that they raised $24 million in Series A funding from several high-profile investors, including Getty. 

This startup develops ethical and commercially-safe generative AI models that brands and businesses can plug into their platforms and products and tailor to their visual style and needs. 

BRIA Series A: $24M from Multiple High Profile Investors

Earlier today, the Israeli AI startup BRIA announced that $24 million had been raised in Series A funding. GFT Ventures, Intel Capital, and Entrée Capital lead the round. The list of investors includes other high-profile names, such as Getty Images, Publicis Groupe, Samsung Next, IN venture (Sumitomo Corporation, Japan), Atinum Investment (South Korea), Z Venture Capital (LY Corporation, Japan), Mirae Asset Venture Investment, J-Ventures, and others. 

Getty Images has been partnered with BRIA for a while now, leveraging its extensive stock imagery catalog to train the startup’s generative AI models and integrating generative AI features powered by BRIA into its website.

Furthering Ethical and Commercially Viable Generative AI

According to the company, the funds will be destined to impulse the development of more and better generative AI solutions for brands and businesses, including their existent text-to-image models and new text-to-video generation, and further grow their open-source platform and API service for AI technology. 

BRIA’s core value is in its customizable generative AI that lets companies train the firm’s models with their custom datasets and achieve on-brand results, plus easily integrate BRIA technology into their products and services. 

Equally relevant, their models are solely trained with legally licensed work, with permission from copyright holders, and with a proprietary mechanism to reward said copyright holders for using their work in AI. 

These datasets and their system exclude famous and well-known public figures, trademarks, and other privacy-related concepts, eliminating the risk of harmful or legally murky outputs. This results in a more ethical and commercially viable generative AI platform suitable for brands and businesses. 

Ethical AI Solutions Are At a High-Demand

BRIA team. (Photo: Kseniia Poliak)
BRIA team. (Photo: Kseniia Poliak)

Per the press release, BRIA’s founder and CEO, Dr Yair Adato, assures that “70% of CEOs agree with the need to act urgently on generative AI to avoid giving their competitors a strategic advantage.” In this context, he says, “It is essential that companies are equipped with generative AI capabilities as part of their core technology stack so they can seamlessly scale their operations and ensure they own intellectual property and data.” 

BRIA provides just that with its pioneer, open-source, and fully responsible approach to generative AI. 

Training their foundation models solely on licensed content and integrating safeguards to prevent harmful content creation, BRIA gives companies a much more ethical and commercially safe-to-use technology to empower their services through generative AI. 


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