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Last update on October 3, 2023

CEPIC Partners with Content Authenticity Initiative to Foster Reliable Visual Content Standards

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CEPIC, the leading entity in Europe that advocates for image agencies and professional photographers, has publicly declared that it is integrating with the Content Authenticity Initiative, founded by Adobe.

This initiative focuses on setting new and more efficient standards for accreditation and monitoring of digital visual content and endorses the trustworthiness and credibility of digital imagery.

This integration could be instrumental in shaping new legal frameworks for the budding visual AI sector, which sorely needs them. CEPIC's influence is expected to fuel the adoption of these proposed standards, particularly in Europe.

The Content Authenticity Initiative: Clarity in Standards for Digital Visual Content

Adobe, in partnership with The New York Times Company, launched the Content Authenticity Initiative (CAI) in 2019.

The alliance, which now comprises hundreds of entities, including big players like Microsoft, BBC, Nikon, Canon, Reuters, and Shutterstock, is committed to endorsing transparency and credibility while combating deceptive information associated with digital visual content.

Among their initiatives is the Coalition for Content Provenance and Authenticity (C2PA), a comprehensive system to credit, track, and authenticate content through standardized metadata protocols applied to image and video files, which they intend to become the industry's new benchmark.

Recent events, particularly those related to the explosive growth of AI-generated media and the challenges it presents with respect to copyright and its potential to spread misinformation, have enhanced the significance of this project.

CEPIC: An Important Ally for Advancing CAI in Europe

CEPIC, or Coordination of European Picture Agencies Press Stock Heritage, was formed in 1993 to advocate for and protect the rights of image agencies, photo libraries, and professional photographers throughout Europe. Today, with an impressive member base of 400 entities encompassing big, medium, and small-sized companies, including individual professionals, it has extended its reach beyond Europe.

Our resident AI expert, Amos Struck, and our trusted photo agency partner, Stockphotos.com, are proud members of CEPIC. In fact, Amos has participated as a speaker at various CEPIC forums.

The inclusion of CEPIC in the CAI signifies a relevant move, given that CEPIC is a widely recognized organization with a history of expertise in copyright, licensing, and large-scale image distribution. It possesses an expansive network that will be leveraged to amplify the adoption of content credibility standards, leading practices, and the technical framework delineated in the CAI guidelines, particularly in Europe.

The desired result is to enhance the detection and deterrence of fraudulent visual content, resulting in major improvements to the consumer and viewer experience.

Have you ever come across the Content Authenticity Initiative? What are your thoughts?


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