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Last update on April 24, 2023

Award-Winning & Headline-Hitting Photographer Boris Eldagsen to Speak About AI Images at CEPIC 2023 Congress

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Boris Eldagsen AI Secrets

Today the CEPIC organization announced that the award-winning photographer Boris Eldagsen, who hit the headlines these days for winning the Sony World Photography Award with an AI-generated photo and rejecting the prize, will be a featured speaker at the upcoming CEPIC Congress 2023 this May in France. 

The renowned artist will be part of an AI-focused workshop covering the impact of AI generative technology on the visual industry and culture and discussing how AI imagery should be treated.

The Photographer Who Submitted an AI-Generated Photo to a Photo Contest and Won

Boris Eldagsen is a globally-renowned German photographer whose distinctive work has been featured in high-profile publications such as the New York Times or Vogue Italia.

This month, however, he is more known for the controversy generated after he won the coveted Sony World Photography Award 2023 and rejected the prize after disclosing the image was AI-generated

Below, you can see his award-winning picture, created with OpenAI's Dall-E 2:


The artist explained publicly that his intention in submitting the artwork was to test how international competitions responded to AI-generated media. By rejecting the award, he hopes to accelerate a debate on whether AI-generated visuals should be considered photography and how this media type should be treated.

A very important discussion to be had, considering just how big the universe of AI images is, according to our latest visual AI statistics report.

“Is AI Hijacking Art?” – CEPIC Congress 2023 AI Day

The CEPIC organization was happy to announce today that Boris will be one of the featured speakers in the workshop “Is AI Hijacking Art?” which will take place at 15:00hs during the Congress’ AI Day that takes place on May 11th, 2023, at The Palais de Congress in Antibes, France, in the center of the Sophia-Antipolis technologic park. 

Eldagsen will join experts in cultural heritage, tech research, and image copyright protection technologies to discuss how AI imagery impacts the world and how we should treat synthetic media going forward. According to the photographer, AI images are their own genre and should not be merged into photography. 

This promises to be a very interesting debate and one not to be missed for anyone interested in AI generative technology and in knowing what the future of the photography industry might look like! 

CEPIC Congress 2023 – An Event for Everyone in the AI Visual Industry

The CEPIC Congress is an annual event that brings together artists, executives, experts, and people of all seniority levels who work and are interested in the photography and visual art business. 

Every year, the Congress hosts multiple talks, panels, and workshops covering the field's most relevant and pressing issues. It comes as no surprise that AI technology is the topic at the core of this year’s edition. And I will be one of the speakers on AI Day!

So I encourage you to join the 2023 CEPIC Congress and take on the opportunity to network and get valuable insight from the world’s top experts. 

See you there!


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