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Last update on July 12, 2023

Adobe Firefly Goes Global After Reaching 1B Generated Images

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Just three months after its initial launch to the public, Adobe announced today that they are expanding Adobe Firefly, its native family of generative AI models, to reach worldwide. 

Adobe Firefly has already produced 1 Billion images. And now enabling millions of new users to access text-to-image generation, AI image editing, and supporting multiple languages, they’re scaling it up even more. 

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Adobe FF Global Still Dream Bigger

Adobe Firefly Going Global Supporting 100 Languages

As per today’s official announcement, the generative AI tools in Adobe Firefly are now available on its stand-alone web page to users all over the world. 

It also supports text prompts in 100 languages so creatives can more accurately synthesize images in their native tongues. 

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Plus, the service will be language-localized to 20 different languages, with French, German, Japanese, Spanish, and Brazilian Portuguese versions already live today. 

It’s worth mentioning that Adobe Firefly is also integrated into Photoshop –with the feature Generative Fill–, Adobe Express, and Adobe Illustrator. 

Firefly for Enterprise was also launched not long ago, providing corporate clients direct access to commercially safe, generative AI solutions for their creative needs. 

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Adobe Firefly’s Commitment to Responsible AI Tech

One of the pillars of Adobe’s generative AI offer is that of being ethically developed and framed for responsible usage. Adobe’s Content Credentials –a part of their Content Authenticity Initiative, they hope will shape an industry standard for synthetic media– grant transparency regarding the origin and nature of the images generated or edited with Firefly, and they disclose their models have been trained only with licensed content from Adobe Stock, authorized content from the web, and public domain content, which also adds a veil of commercial safety to the assets generated with their tools. 

In this same vein of commitment to solidify a legal frame for AI media, Adobe’s Chief Trust Officer Dana Rao will speak as a witness today at the U.S. Senate Judiciary Subcommittee Hearing on AI and Intellectual Property/Copyright. As the company shared, he will focus on Adobe's creator-focused approach to generative AI and detail the important steps necessary to protect creators' rights while ensuring the flow of AI innovation.  

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1 Billion AI Images Generated with Adobe Firefly So Far

The global expansion of Firefly services comes as the firm shares that, to this day, users across the Adobe Firefly web page and Photoshop app have created over one billion assets using generative AI technology. They stated these are two of the company’s most successful beta releases in its history.

It is no minor milestone, considering Firefly was released to the public only three months ago, and Adobe was one of the last big creative industry players to join the AI race. 

The firm hopes that helping more creatives access Firefly technology in their own languages will only fuel the tool’s adoption even more. 

Are you excited to try Adobe Firefly in your native language? Let us know! 


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