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Last update on September 13, 2023

Adobe Firefly is Fully Commercially Released – Pricing Details Are Out

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Adobe announced today the full commercial release of Adobe Firefly, its native family of generative AI models that powers features available as stand-alone and integrated into Creative Cloud applications, previously in beta. 

Along with the full commercial availability, they’ve also rolled out a credit system to pay for the generative AI features. 

We have all the price details and some important updates on Adobe Firefly. Keep reading! 

Adobe Firefly is Fully Released After a Hugely Successful Beta Run

Today’s announcement about Adobe Firefly establishes the full commercial release of the generative AI models (and its features integrated into Photoshop, Illustrator, and Express). From now on, images generated with Firefly are for full commercial use under the consigned terms of use and can, for example, be submitted to Adobe Stock –the firm’s proprietary stock media library). 

This comes just under 6 months after the progressive release in beta of the currently available models and the features it powers into other Adobe apps. During the 176-day test run, over 2 billion AI-generated images have been created by users in what Adobe calls an “unprecedented beta.”  This is one of the most highlighted figures in current visual AI statistics.

Right now, Adobe Firefly supports text prompts in 100 languages and has multiple features in Photoshop –like Generative Fill and Generative Expand–, Illustrator –Generative Recolor– and even Adobe Express –Text Effects. That is not to mention the main attraction, the text-to-image generator integrated into the above-mentioned apps and available on its own web page, which is now transformed into a proper stand-alone app of the Creative Cloud ecosystem. 

Adobe Generative Credits: The New Currency for Generative AI Apps

Now that it’s fully released, Adobe has also established a pricing structure for using Firefly and its applications. The new system is a bit complex, but we will break it down for you. 

First of all, they’ve created the Generative Credits, a new currency unit that applies solely to Firefly products –generative credits are not to be confused with Adobe Stock credits, which apply to the licensing of stock media content. 

Basically, one generation on a Firefly feature equals one credit. Each user, depending on which subscriptions, if any, they have, will have a limited number of credits available to use each month; credits will not roll over from one month to the next but will be aggregated when you have more than one active subscription. Team and Enterprise credits will not be pooled. 

The new credit system will not affect paid users of Creative Cloud, Adobe Firefly, and Adobe Express until November 1, 2023. But free users are reached by these limitations from now on. 

  • Paid users of Creative Cloud All Apps for individuals receive 1,000 monthly credits.
  • Paid users of Creative Cloud single app for Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, Premiere Pro, After Effects, Audition, Animate, Adobe Dreamweaver, and Photography 1TB get 500 monthly credits. 
  • Adobe Stock paid subscribers have 500 credits a month, regardless of the subscription chosen. 
  • Educational plan users will have between 250 and 1,000 credits per month, according to their educational level.
  • Team users and Enterprise customers get 500 credits for single app subscriptions and 1,000 for All Apps.
  • Adobe Express Premium subscribers receive 250 monthly credits, while Adobe Firefly Premium clients get 100 credits every month.
  • Finally, free users of Adobe Express, Adobe Firefly, and Adobe Creative Cloud are entitled to 25 credits per month. 

One thing important to mention is that this system intends to create priority for the use of Adobe Firefly and make it rentable as these models are very large and the cloud costs to run them are considerable, but they do not lock users out of using Firefly entirely. Once you run out of credits, you will see a slow-down in processing times or be limited to 2 daily credits until the new month rolls out. 

Plus, you can purchase generative credit plans starting at $4.99/month for 100 credits. 

Adobe Firefly Compensation Plan for Artists Has Started

In related news, Adobe also disclosed today that they’re issuing the first annual payment in their Firefly Compensation Plan, which pays Adobe Stock contributors for the use of their content in training datasets and image generations on Firefly. 

This is an important step in the right direction when it comes to setting industry standard practices for responsible and fair use of generative AI technology. 

Basically, the firm is paying each contributor whose work has been included in Firefly training datasets, factoring in the total of images said contributor has in the library and how many times those images have sold to reach the amount to be paid. These bonus payments will happen once a year and cover the previous 12-month period. 

For more details on the bonus payment from Firefly, read here. 

What do you think about Adobe Firefly’s new prices? Will you continue using it under a premium, paid plan? Let us know!


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